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Welcome to My.Imagine Webspace

Imagine gives all of its customers 25MB of free web space to host their own websites. These sites are accessed using a URL of the following form:

where site-name is the name the user chooses for their own webspace.

How Do I Activate My Webspace?

If you have not yet activated your webspace then proceed as follows:

  1. Log into your parent account at;
  2. Select the "Account Management" option on the left;
  3. Choose the "Activate/Manage My Webspace" option;
  4. Pick a name for your website and you're done!

Instructions on using your webspace can be found here in our F.A.Q. section.

I Have Activated My Webspace But All I See Is This Page?

This is the default page for all user webspace. To place your own site on line, overwrite the index.html file in your web space directory.

Can Imagine Telecom Tell Me How To Create A Website?

In a word, no! We provide web space as an add-on and free feature. We only provide limited support on how to set-up and access you webspace. There are many websites on-line that give tutorials on setting up websites - just ask Google!

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